Thursday, January 27, 2011

Consider Writing an Online Article Series

Niche online writers seem to have it much easier than those of us whose online articles tend to be about various topics. Niche writers have found a way to tap into specific topics. However, as a "non-niche" writer, I have found a way to get take advantage of certain topics; I write a series of online articles pertaining to that specific topic.

Writing a series can be quite simple. Write a broad online article that includes all the information you have on the topic. Write it as if it will be the online article you will publish. Include the all the details; leave nothing out. Then break the long and detailed article down to several smaller articles. Use the detailed information to write those articles. Depending on the topic, you may be able to get several online articles out of the one.

Of course, you must be wondering how this will benefit you. There are many reasons for writing an online article series. These are just a few of them:
  • Links - When you write an online article series, you will be able to link all of articles in the series together. Links will help you get indexed by search engines quickly. For more information about lists, see my previous post about using links to our advantage.
  • Quality and Quantity - By writing an online article series, you will be producing both quality and quantity. Stretching one online article into several online articles will add to your online portfolio. As an online writer, you can never have enough quality articles. Of course, online writers need as many articles available to readers as possible.
  • Becoming an Authority - Writing a series of online articles gives online writers a more authoritative voice. Instead of giving readers a single "shot in the dark," it provides a foundation for online writers. Even though the same amount of information could have been used in one online article, by writing a series it amplifies that information and causes the reader to believe they are getting even more information.
  • Attracting Readers -An online series will attract more readers. The more readers you have, the more likely it is that you will get ad clicks. This will increase your earnings. If you are writing for an online writing sites that pays you for page views, your earnings will also increase.
Whenever possible, write your online article series on different writing websites. When you do this and link your online articles together, it will give you exposure on all the different writing sites. You want your readers to know where to find you and all of your work.

Online articles series are easy to write and will be a great benefit to all online writers. Take advantage of this - using it to increase your visibility online, your readership and your earnings. It is a win/win situation and can make a huge difference in your success as a writer.


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