Monday, January 31, 2011

Sharing Goals as Internet Writers

I am quite pleased with how well my website, ad/traffic revenue online articles and my blogs are doing so far this year. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much more money I am earning compared to this time last year. In fact, I am so pleased that I am setting goals for myself that I never thought of before. These are just a few of the goals that I have set for myself as an internet writer:

For my website, I want add new content every other week. Perhaps go as far as to add another page. I want to double the amount of traffic and Adsense revenue from the previous month, January. I want to maintain those "doubled" amounts for three months - until the last of May. Starting in May, I want to double the average amount of the previous months.  I will continue that pattern until the end of the year - every three months doubling my previous monthly average Adsense revenue. In December, I will start setting goals for the next year.

For my ad/traffic revenue online articles, I have different goals. I want to continue to write one list per day at List My Five until I have reached, at least, a total of 500 lists. At Helium, Associated Content and Factoidz, I want to find new ways to promote my online articles there (which I will share with my readers) and promote the work I have there on a daily basis. I want to add new content at least once per month.

As you have probably have guessed, the majority of my time will be spent on my blogs - this blog in particular. I want to continue posting every day for, at least, the next three months here. I want to post at least three times per week on my other blogs. I want to incorporate the "double every three months" goal I have for TravelsOklahoma to each of my blogs. I also want to increase my followers on a weekly basis.

Of course, I want to continue helping internet writers with all of their writing needs. I want to make this blog more interactive. I want to pull out the stops to ensure that my readers are getting the best information possible from me. I want to encourage everyone to continue with their online writing and never get discouraged, despite those lest than wonderful spells that will happen. I want to read comments such as "my earnings increased X% since..." and "My traffic is increasing and I have more followers than before."

Getting started with my "interactive" goal...What are your goals as internet writers? Do your prefer to make monetary goals or content goals? Do you make "emotional" goals - such as having more fun or writing about your favorite topics? Please feel free to share. I know that as an internet writer, I want to know what your goals are and I am sure other readers are interested as I am.

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