Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It Isn't Writer's Block

If you think writer's block is bad, you must have never suffered from "Don't Wanna Write Syndrome." That is the worst. With writer's block, there are techniques that can used to overcome those temporary problems.  With "DWWS," it is nothing but forcing yourself to do it.Trust me, I know. I'm having a severe case of DWWS at this very moment. Contrary to "my norm," I am as interested in writing as I am in giving birth to a blue hippo.

For the record, writer's block is physical problem. Your brain is unable to think of things to write about. And, this is complicated by "blockage" between your brain and hands that stops ideas from getting to the paper or screen. DWWS is a psychological and emotional problem. You are physically able to write and you have ideas to write about, but you can't seem to get it together.

At this moment, I have oodles of ideas to write about. I just don't want to. I can think of hundreds, if not thousands, of other things I could be doing beside writing. I could watch it snow and blow during what is being called "the storm of century." It is historical; I can't miss it. I could clean out the litter box. Okay, I just did that. The entire Egyptian protests/revolt/uprising is very interesting. Even Rupert Murdock talking about his newspaper created just for iPad is fascinating. Yesterday, I was disciplined writer. Today, I am ready to scrap it all for no particular reason.

What am I doing about it? It is a painful procedure. I am forcing myself to write. I have become an evil dictator and will not allow myself out my chair until I am finished writing what I need to write. I am not a big fan of myself now, but I am getting it done. I should also mention the "dictator mentality" was the last resort.

What did I try before this? I thought of you, my readers, and how disappointed you would be if I didn't pass on some sort of information about online writing. I thought of my goal to provide new content on a daily basis. I thought of all the money I would be losing if I didn't write any internet articles today. I finally had to lump all of these together, become a dictator and get to writing.

You are probably wondering why I am bothering to post this. Well, I want you to know you aren't the only one who has days like this. Internet writers need to know it is possible to push through DWWS and get something accomplished. It takes discipline and, at times, sheer stubbornness to do what is necessary. We are internet writers. This is our job and we must do our job. Good luck. I hope you handle DWWS better than I do.

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