Sunday, March 6, 2011

Promoting Your Internet Articles with Twitter Just Got Easier

Promoting your internetwork isn't always easy, but I came across a handy a little tool that will make it a bit easier. This is especially true for those who use Twitter. When is the most opportune time to tweet? Knowing that can keep you glued to Twitter, trying to use charts and graphs so you can tweet your internet articles at the best times. No more.  I just found When To Tweet!

This little jewel is wonderful. I don't even have to explain how to use it. If you can spell and type your Twitter name in the only space available on the page, you can do this. It is truly that simple. That isn't entirely true, you also have to click on "When should I tweet?" to get the results. Type in your Twitter name and click on "When should I tweet?" and wait for the results. The more followers you have, the longer it takes. I have quite a few followers and it took less than a minute.

I did find one problem with it. It is in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). But, I've solved that problem. My readers in the United States need to visit this map of the United States and then click on the state where they live. For my international readers, visit the same site (different page), select your city/country and GMT will be converted for you.  I've written "-6 hours" on a Post-It Note and stuck it to my computer screen. I'm in the central time zone - for those of you who do not want to check out the GMT converter page.

I would love to say I found this great tool on my own, but I didn't it. A Facebook friend posted it and I am running with it! Remember to check back with the When To Tweet tool often because it will change as you add followers and your followers' patterns change. Despite this, it is a great guide to knowing when is the best time for you to get the most out of your tweets.


  1. Wow that is a cool one. I will have to check it out.

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