Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Art of Promoting Your Online Writing.

You now know enough about keywords to be relatively confused. You also know enough about making money that you are generating your own ideas about the best way to go about that. Now you must tackle the mother of all problems - getting your online work noticed. Just like with writing, there is an art to promoting your online writing. There are several ways to do go about promoting your writing. These are just a few that I have found to be successful.
  • Twitter - Twitter has been a great little money maker for me. I "tweet" all my URLs and my followers click on them. The first time I tweet them, I use the title only. That seems to help them get indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The second time I tweet them, I add a "teaser" to the URL. I'll devote an entire post to "teasing." I also interact with other writers there who seem to be more than willing to retweet my work.
  • Facebook - Facebook is another way to promote your online writing. Updating your status is a great way to spread the word about your online writing. There are many other writers on Facebook and many will repost your URLs. Also, consider creating a "Fan Page" for yourself. You can promote your online work there and use your regular page to schmooze - get others interested in you and then in your online writing.
  • Redgage - Redgage is a site where you can post links to your online work. In addition to promoting your online writing, you can also earn money when you submit your links. It is free to use. Not only will your increase your page views, you can also make a little money promoting your work.
  • Links - Adding your links is a great way to promote your online work and increase your traffic. Add your links to forums that pertain to your topic. Read other blogs and ask the blogger if they would include a link to your online work, offering to do the same for them.
  • Comments - Make comments on blogs and forums, leaving a link to your online work. Visit sites such as "Yahoo Answers" and see if any of the questions can be answered with your online articles. Write a short answer and add "for more information" and then your link.
  • "Add Your URLs" Sites - Use all of the available "pinging" sites to promote your work. Most of them are free to use. Remember to add your URL to search engines as well. Pinging and adding your URLs to search engines is easy. Simply follow the directions and you will have sent them the necessary information for them to add your online articles.
Promoting your online writing is certainly an art form. There are so many different ways to promote your work, you will never get bored. However, it can be hard work. You must continue to promote your online articles, even if they show up first on all the major search engines. Promoting is a never-ending job that must be done in order for you to get the traffic you need.

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