Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keyword of the Day - Walmart Shopping

The keyword of the day for January 9th is "Walmart shopping." As of this date, Walmart shopping has a CPC of  $93.41. That is a nice chunk of change for a keyword that easy to write about.

I've used this keyword in two different online articles and it is working well for me. One article was about all the things I love about Walmart shopping after midnight. and the other one was about things I do not want to see when I do my Walmart shopping. Those were easy online articles to write and the page views are fairly high. Not only did I find a keyword with a high CPC, but it is something that people are doing and interested in. That is always a plus.

Something you need to remember when using keywords is that they need to be exactly what is listed, but do not need to be in the same sentence. Using "Walmart shopping" as an example, this is one way to pull that off. "I love Walmart. Shopping there is so convenient." Notice how Walmart shopping are together, yet in different sentences? This is one way you can use your keywords creatively. Play with the words and see how you can use Walmart shopping in your online writing.

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