Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keyword of the Day - Nutrisystem

The keyword for January 15th is "Nutrisystem." As of this date, the CPC is $22.51. The amount of monthly is fairly high, which is good for online articles.

Nutrisystem is one of my favorite keywords to use. I've used it for a few online articles already and I am planning to write several more using Nutrisystem as the keyword. You can read those articles by clicking here, here and here. The ideas and directions you can go using Nutrisystem are almost limitless. Check out the Nutrisystem website to get more information about them and their services.

One of the best things about using Nurtrisystem as a keyword is that you can pair it with other highly searchable keywords that also have a good CPC amount. Think how often people search for "weight loss." Weight loss, by itself, has a low CPC and is searched by millions. However, pair Nutrisystem with weight loss and you have created a "niche" (of sorts) for that specific online article.

Use the Google Keyword Tool to search for other "weight loss" phrases you can also pair with Nutrisystem. "Weight loss for idiots" has a CPC of $193.04 (as of today's date), but the competition is extremely high.  Using Nutrisystem and weight loss for idiots together will be highly searchable. There are also other possible pairings of Nutrisystem and weight loss. Play with the keyword tool and see what will work best for you and your style of writing.

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