Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keyword of the Day - Rugs USA

The keyword of the day for January 7th is Rugs USA.

As of the publication date, the CPC for Rugs USA is $1,278.96. Nice little chunk of change for online writers to play with! The competition is fairly high, but Rugs USA can be used in all sorts of creative ways to bring in ads.
Never heard of Rugs USA? Neither had I until I started researching "flooring covering" for an online article I was writing about home decorating. Neither "floor covering" or "home decorating" had a high CPC, but, thankfully, I found out about Rugs USA. It is a website that has all sorts of rugs available. I was pleased to learn that the prices at Rugs USA were very competitive and the site was easy to use.
How can you incorporate Rugs USA into an online article? Try a home decorating article like I did. I am even considering doing an online article that compares different online stores whose websites are easy to use. Yes, I was that impressed with the Rugs USA website. I even wrote something about donations to give to animal shelters and rescues and incorporated Rugs USA into that. The possibilities are only limited by imagination and how much effort you want to put into adding Rugs USA into your online article.

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