Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seasonal Writing vs. Evergreen Writing

It can be difficult for an online writer to know whether to go with "seasonal writing" or to go with "evergreen writing." This is especially when you are writing with keywords in mind. A healthy balance of both is always best, but knowing the exact balance is almost impossible. Here is a look at the pros and cons of seasonal and evergreen writing.

Seasonal writing is when you write for a specific time of year or holiday. Those articles do well during that specific time frame, but the earnings tend to slack off when that time passes. Everyone wants to read about Valentines Day around February 14th, but not so much in the middle of July.

There are many seasonal keywords that can be used to maximize your ad revenue. As of the date this is posted, "Norad Santa Tracker" has a fairly high CPC of $20.87. It is possible that the amount of money you earn from ads about Norad Santa Tracker around Christmas may make up for the "lean times" when Norad Santa Tracker isn't be searched or read about.

Evergreen writing is when you write articles that will be searched and read all year. These articles do not have "peak earning times," but do well all year long. No matter when it may be, readers will be interested in reading about that specific topic.

"Disney Cruise" is a keyword that has a fairly high CPC at the time of posting - $20.76. Disney Cruise appears to something that would be searched and read about all year long. It might have a peak period during the summer, yet it could also peak for those looking for Christmas vacation ideas.

An excellent way to mix both seasonal writing and evergreen writing is to write so that the time of year or holiday can be edited out after that time has passed. An example of this would be "Valentines Day Gifts for Children." That can easily be edited to be "Gifts for Children," if you're creative with the specific gifts you include in the list. The game "CandyLand" can be a great Valentines Day gift as well a great gift for other holidays.

I have found that a "nice mix" for my online writing is 75%-80% evergreen articles and 20%-25% seasonal. Those specific numbers may or may not work for you or the writing site you are using. Of course, it is dependent upon your readers. If you have a readership that reads everything you write, no matter the season, increasing your seasonal writing would work well for you.

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