Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where Online Writers Make Money

There are so many different writing websites available to online writers it can be hard to choose where to write. Thankfully, as online writers we don't have to chose. We can publish our online articles on as many writing sites as we like. In fact, I recommend being active at as many different writing sites as possible. You don't want all of your eggs in one basket. Writing online is much like buying stock. Do you just buy stock from one company or do you diversify? These are just a few I write for. For the record, I wouldn't mention them if they weren't profitable for me.
  • Helium - Helium, by far, is the most profitable writing website I have ever used. When I first started writing there, I had no idea the ad/traffic revenue I would earn would eventually be enough to pay my rent on a monthly basis. I made "penny jokes" for months, until I learned about promoting my online articles, keywords and SEO. Online writers can write about almost any topic they are interested in. The contests can be quite profitable and rather easy to win. The upfront money for online articles isn't that great, but the ad/traffic revenue more than makes up for it.
  • List My Five - List My Five is new writing website is that quickly became a money-maker for me. The format is easy and the money flows in regularly. Almost no topic is off limits (no porn, violence, etc.) and you are only limited by your imagination. When you use keywords and links properly, it is almost impossible not to meet the minimum payout ($10) each month. My earnings are coming in much faster than they did when I started at Helium and I can't wait to see how much I'm making within the next three months.
  • Associated Content - Associated Content isn't exactly my cup of tea. I do make money there, but not as much as I do at other writing sites. Most online writers swear by it and are making money. I'm sure if I wrote there regularly, I'd do much better. I can't complain about the money; I forgot I even wrote there, but I'm still making money.
  • HubPages - HubPages is a fun writing website. There you can use both Adsense and Amazon to make money. I have several "hubs" and they are doing well. As with all the writing sites, I should publish more online articles there. The page views are constant and other "hubbers" are constantly giving feedback.
  • Factoidz - I've only written one online article for Factoidz, but it is making consistent money for being up a such a short time. The tips and hints Factoidz give their writers about keywords and SEO are a big help to new writers and us "old" writers, too. SEO is important to Factoidz, so be sure to research keywords and get the right keyword density before submitting your online articles there.
  • Xomba - My Xomba earnings are getting better each month. They are certainly starting to add up. The format they use for publishing online articles is easy to use and the page views can be significant. As with any writing website, the more online articles you publish, the more you will earn.
  • Bukisa - Bukisa is a great place to publish your "re-worked" online articles. Now that Bukisa has added Adsense, the potential has greatly increased. It is also a great "starter site" for online writers who want to test the waters of an online writing career.
  • Yuwie -I love using Yuwie as a place to publish "teasers." I will copy/paste the introduction of my other online articles and then the link. Not only do I earn money from readers visiting there, but my earnings increase at the other writing sites when my links are followed.
  • Blogs -Blogging, in my opinion, has the greatest long-term potential for online writers. You aren't having to share your ad revenue with a website. However, you aren't paid for page views. It can take some time to get the page rank needed for the world to visit your blog, but a little promotion and constant, quality writing will speed up that process.
Obviously, there are more writing websites where you can make publishing your online articles. I mentioned these because I have used them personally and they are profitable for me. Online writers must find the writing websites that work best for them and their specific writing site. With so many available, online writers are sure to find several different writing websites that will work well for them and make them money.

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