Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where to Promote Your Online Articles

Promoting your online articles is key to being a successful online writer. Promoting your work serves two purposes - immediate results and long-term results. The immediate results is the "instant" readers your online articles will have. The long-term results are how those page views will increase the chances your online articles will be indexed by search engines. These are just a few different places where online writers can promote their online articles.
  • Search Engines - Add you online articles individually to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN. To add your online article's URL to Google, simply click here and then follow the directions. For the other search engines, simply search "add my URL to" the specific site to find out how to go about adding your online articles. You can also use several different free services that will add will add your online articles to several different search engines. My personal favorite is Jayde. Simply sign up for their free service and start adding the URLs to your online articles. Ping is another free service you can use. They offer a paid membership as well. With the freebie from Ping, unlike Jayde which is limitless, you can only add up to five URLs per day. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you see a difference in your page views and, eventually, your earnings.
  • Social Networking Sites -  Take advantage of all the social networking websites available. These include Twitter and Facebook. Follow or "befriend" anyone and everyone and post the links to your online articles in your Twitter stream and on your Facebook wall. Remember to interact with others on the social networking sites. Not only will this help you increase your following, it will always help you find topics to write about - topics others will want to read.
  • Bookmarking Sites - Use the different bookmarking sites to help you get indexed on search engines and increase the page views of your online articles. Mixx, Delicious, Digg, and Reddit are just a few I use. I also use StumbleUpon, but be careful not to add URLs from the same writing site; they will consider this spam and ban your from using their site. I also use Google Bookmarks and find it to be quite effective. RedGage is a different type of bookmarking site. Not only can online writers add the links to their online articles, you can earn money doing it. It isn't a lot of money, but you might as well make some extra cash when you promote your online articles.

My personal favorite bookmarking site is IMAutomator. As with everything I do online, it is free to use. I can add 10 URLs per day for each account I have with them. All you need for multiple accounts is multiple email accounts - just a hint, one online writer to another. You can purchase the "Pro Version," if you like. My results from this bookmarking site have been so great, I am considering purchasing the upgrade. It is easy to use and lets you decide how quickly your want your online articles to be added. I always go with the 15 days option, unless my online article is seasonal and must be bookmarked quickly. If that is the case, then I go with the one day option. When you submit your online article's URL, it will pull the title, description and tags from that URL automatically. Talk about easy! I love it and love the results - my page views and earnings have dramatically and drastically increased since I started using it. My online articles I have added to IMAutomator are on the first page of search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Promoting each and every one of your online articles takes time and effort. It has been my experience that the results are well worth it. Once you set up a routine for promoting your online articles, it gets much faster. Online writers who promote their online articles can go from making pennies each day to making dollars every day. I know because I have done it. Unless you don't want to make money with your online articles, there is no reason not to promote it as much as possible.

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