Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keyword of the Day - Sex

The keyword for January 18th is sex. And, it isn't the keyword of the day for the reasons the other keywords of the day have been mentioned. This is a warning of keywords to avoid. At the time this is published, sex has a CPC of 41 cents and has 338,000,000 monthly searches. The CPC for sex is extremely low, but the global monthly searches sounds promising. But, there is a catch...

Google "sex," without the quotation marks. In the results of that search you will find "about 790,000,000 results." Oops. That is a gigantic problem. Yes, you and I are wonderful and talented online writers, but do you really want to try to get on the first page of Google knowing that you have to make your way from the bottom of that many other online articles, websites, and photos about sex? This online writer prefers to take her chances getting on the first page of search engines with another keyword.

That doesn't mean I ignore sex all together. In fact, I've  recently written two online articles with "sexy" in the title. Yes, this proves I am truly "keyword crazy!" I put a different spin on sexy and wrote an online article that made it to the first page of Google. Of course, it may not be there in a few hours, but it is right now.

How did I do that? Well, I not only did I think outside the box, I poured a little gasoline on the box and tossed in a nuclear bomb. I wrote "The Top Tips for Becoming a Sexy Redneck Man." By changing the keyword slightly from "sex" to "sexy redneck" (no quotations) and pairing it with something unusual, I went from "about 790,000,000 results" to "about 958,000 results" on Google. When I search "sexy," minus the quotations, I found 361,000,000 results and not a redneck in sight. I was surprised to learn that "sexy redneck" has a CPC of five cents. Yes, one whole nickle.

"Am I making money?" That is question everyone wants to know. Seeing I published this online article less than 48 hours ago, I can say not yet. I don't know if I ever will. Of course I want to make money with this online article, but it was more an experiment than a money-making endeavor. I was curious if I could make the front page of Google Search with a keyword that is "over-searched."

Yes, this is still a warning not to use sex as a keyword. Unless, you can figure out a way to mix it up a bit and do the almost impossible. I'm not saying it can't be done or you shouldn't try. I'm simply saying that there are probably better keywords to use that will be more profitable for you.

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