Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Layout and Design

After my blog hopping adventures, I had to take some time to fully comprehend all of the different blog layouts and designs available to a blogger. I realized long ago that the layouts were almost limitless, but I had no idea how people were using those layouts and designs. These bloggers were using their creativity and imaginations to benefit themselves and shoot themselves in the foot. There is only one rule that bloggers should always follow - "Think like a reader." These are just a few tips that will help bloggers think like a reader:
  • Purpose of My Blog - Consider the purpose of your blog when you are deciding on the layout and design. Are you sharing valuable information? Are you wanting to entertain your readers? Are promoting specific products and services? All of these will determine how you layout and design your blog.
  • Follow the Eyes - Consider how the eyes of your readers will move across your blog. As a blogger, you will want the most important aspect of you blog to "grab" your readers attention immediately. Remember that as your readers' eyes wander around your blog, so will their minds. A blogger should also place important information at the last place the reader will look.
  • KISS - "KISS" stands for "Keep it simple, Sutton." This isn't as easy as it sounds. With so many widgets, gadgets and other options available to a blogger, it is hard to keep it simple. A great rule to follow is to do all you can as blogger to keep your reader on your blog as long as possible. Bloggers want their readers to stay on their blog as long as possible and not visiting other sites.
As a blogger, you need to pay close attention to the colors and design you use on your blog. Bright stripes and pretty polka dots will grab a reader's attention. They can also be distracting and make your blog difficult to read. Keep your blog as professional-looking as possible, even if your blog is about the least professional of topics. Color combinations should be simplified and easy to ride. They should inviting to all readers.

Avoid cluttering you blog with non-essentials. This is especially true of gadgets that will take your reader away from your blog. Is it necessary to have the number of visitors your blog gets posted? Do you need newsreels and slideshows of photos you haven't personally taken? All of this may distract your reader from you internet content - the reason you want you people to visit your blog.

As a blogger, you need to always think like a reader. Create a blog that is geared to the reader and is easy for the reader to use. Always keep in mind, as an internet writer and blogger, you want your readers to remain on your blog as long as possible without being lured away to other sites or distracted with unnecessary clutter.

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