Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tips for Adding Links to Your Internet Writing

Links are necessary to help you with gaining page rank and being indexed by search engines. Links are major part of great SEO, something every writer must educate themselves about and apply to their internet articles. These are just a few tips I have picked up along the way:
  • Over-Linking -  It is possible to "over-link" your internet articles. Many readers will assume you are "handing over" your authority to another source or you do not have adequate information on the topic. Always maintain your authority as an internet writer and have enough information for your internet article.
  • Under-Linking -  It is also possible to not link your work to other internet sites. You should include as many links as possible to increase your SEO and page rank without cluttering your internet articles with tpo many links. What is the right amount? It depends on the internet article, the length of that article and the topic.
  • Anchor Text for Links - "Anchor text" is the exact words used in the hyperlinks in your internet article. As I mentioned in a previous post about using links to your advantage, I suggested you avoid using the standard "link here" as your anchor text. Use the keywords of your internet article as often as possible for the hyperlinks. The anchor test should always be relevant to where the link leads.
  • Link Placement -Link placement is also important to SEO, page rank and getting indexed by searched engines. Search engine spiders scan internet articles, paying close attention to the first paragraph. Place a few of your links with the keyword anchor text in the beginning of your work. Add some to the body of your internet article and then at the conclusion of the article. Remember that you want readers to remain on your internet article as long as possible. Use links to your other internet work in the first paragraph, saving the links that will take your reader away from you internet article for the end.
  • Appropriate Links -All of the links that you use should be appropriate for you internet article. When writing about gardening, you wouldn't use a link that would take your reader to a meatloaf recipe. You should try to avoid linking your internet article with another article that will dispute, disagree or disprove your work. This also undercuts your authority as a writer.
These tips will help you with your links. Give them a try and see how they work for you and your internet article. It is my goal, as always, to help you get indexed with search engines and increase your SEO and page rank.

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